Born in 1954 in Tábor Southern Bohemia, Jaroslav Vašta grew up in town rich in history, nostalgia, and with strong artistic traditions. His academic training in drawing and painting were obtained at the University of Southern Bohemia´s Pedagogical Faculties in Jaroslav Hejný and Milan Peterka. Once completed, he attended Charles University´s Philosophical Faculty in Prague to master art theory and history.

    His work can be divided into two distinctive phases - his impressionistic period of the 80´s and his romantic period of the 90´s. During the first period he assimilated Impressionism´s descriptions of the visual world, as well as its palette and techniques. Bright, colorful still lives, portraits and graphics characterize this period. In the second phase he turns to the paintings of the Baroque and Romantic periods for his influences. Vašta gradually replaces the bright field palette of the Impressionist with a more limited, darker one and starts pushing his contrasts between lights and darks.  

      Presently a new phases is developing. His paintings have become practically monochromatic. Vašta´s palette is now limited to earthy browns, yellows, reds, and occasionally greens. With this limited palette he paints medieval architecture, timeless ruins, and landscapes while pushing the contrast sometimes to an exthreme chiaroscuro. The end result is the sensation that a certain nostalgia, maybe his love for Tábor, permeates his new works.